File Name Description
Ambient Temperature and Electrical Loads in Commercial Buildings.pdf
Analysis of Load Shape Factors.doc Brief documentation of the methodology, data, assumptions, and preliminary values calculated for Load Shape Factors (LSF) used in long-term load forecasting tool, based on ELCAP data.
Analysts Guide to PNW NonRes Supplement 1.pdf
Appendices Documentation Report.xlsx
Bonneville Power Plus v1.pdf
Characteristics of Commercial Buildings in the PNW-Dec 1995.pdf
Characterizing Residential Thermal Performance from High Res End Use Data PNNL-7590_Vol1.PDF
Characterizing Residential Thermal Performance from High Res End Use Data PNNL-7590_Vol2.PDF
Commercial Building Recruitment Measurement Plans and Installation.PDF
Commercial Data Verification.PDF
Commercial Hourly End Use Study.PDF
Commercial Load Shapes.pdf “The End-Use Load and Consumer Assessment Program: Characterization of Commercial Load Shapes by Weather Day Type.” Prepared for Bonneville Power Administration, by Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Conservation Retrofit in Manufactured Homes PNL-SA-15785.pdf
Data Behind The Hood River Analyses.PDF
Datasets July 1991 ELCAP SAS-PADS Documentation.PDF
Daytyping Methodologies.PDF
Dealing with Data in Large end-use Load Metering Projects Data Quality and Data Access.PDF
Derivation of End Use Loads for Residential Sector.docx Provides an in-depth review of how residential sites and end uses were selected for the ELCAP study, and which time periods contain the most reliable data
Description of Electric Energy Use in Commercial Buildings in PNW (1989)  
Description of Electric Energy Use in Commercial Buildings in PNW (1992 Supp) Supplement to the above 1989 version
Descriptive Data Summary Vol 1.pdf
Descriptive Data Summary Vol 2.pdf
Development of Preliminary Regional End Use Estimates.PDF
ELCAP Analysis.pdf “Significant ELCAP Analysis Results: Summary Report.” Prepared for Bonneville Power Administration, by Pacific Northwest Laboratory
ELCAP Ancillary Database Planning and Specification Dec 1984.PDF
ELCAP Base Sites_Selected Changes from 1983_1988.pdf
ELCAP Commercial Buildings Revisited.PDF
ELCAP Commercial Pilot Study.pdf
ELCAP Commercial Sample Status Dec 14 1984.PDF
ELCAP Commercial Sector Sample Design.pdf
ELCAP Conservation Assessment Applications Agenda ver 1 12-85.PDF
ELCAP Data Assembly and Conversion Project Report on File Contents.docx
ELCAP Data Quality Summary.docx Explanation of why total loads may not match the sum of individual end-use loads for a site, by Rob Pratt at PNNL
ELCAP Data Quality Workshop.pdf
ELCAP Description of Electric Energy Use in Single Family Residences in the PNW 1986_1992.pdf
ELCAP Description of FDAS.pdf
ELCAP EPRI Metering Workshop Papers.pdf
ELCAP Guide to Electronic Communications.PDF
ELCAP Lessons Learned from Monitoring Electricity Use in Multifamily Residences.pdf
ELCAP Lighting and Equipment.pdf “Comparison of ELCAP Data with Lighting and Equipment Load Levels and Profiles Assumed in Regional Models.” Prepared for Bonneville Power Administration, by Pacific Northwest Laboratory
ELCAP Overview Objectives and Methods July 1984.PDF
ELCAP Procedures for Residential Building Characteristics Survey.pdf
ELCAP Reports Bibliography for RTF.pdf Same document as bibliography in next row, except that some reports are highlighted in yellow.
ELCAP Reports Bibliography.pdf A bibliography of reports pertaining to or utilizing ELCAP data, from 1984 to 1991
ELCAP Residential Pilot Study Attachment 3.pdf
ELCAP RSDP and Base Residential Samples_Summary of Conductive UA Calculations.pdf
ELCAP RSDP Sample Development.pdf
ELCAP Workshop ll Determinants of Commercial Building Load Shapes.PDF
Electric Energy Use Single Family.pdf “Description of Electric Energy Use in Single-Family Residences in the Pacific Northwest.” Prepared for Bonneville Power Administration, by Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Electrical Energy Consumption and Building Characteristics of Office and Dry Goods Retail Buildings in the PNW.PDF
End Use Aggregation for Multiple Residences.PDF
End Use Load and Conservation Assessment Program Status Report 10-1985.PDF
End Use Load and Consumer Assessment Program Commercial Characteristics Resurvey.PDF
End Use Load and Consumer Assessment Program.pdf Utility billing records history, procedure, and summary
End Uses.pdf Description of end uses on hourly site level meter files
From Logger to Archive.pdf Explanation of the collection, processing, and verification of ELCAP load data
Getting Started.pdf User guide for analysis of ELCAP data
Heat Loss Characteristics of the ELCAP Residential Sample.pdf
Load Shape Impacts of the Hood River Conservation Project.PDF
Multi Family Metering Study.PDF
Multivariate Statistical Assessment of Meteorological Influences on Residential Space Heating.pdf
Exploratory Investigation of Energy ORNL-CON-304.PDF
Overview Seattle Commercial Building Sample Design.PDF
Pictures and Slides.PDF
PNW NonRes Buildings Feasibility Survey Vol 1.pdf
PNW NonRes Buildings Feasibility Survey Vol 2.pdf
PNW NonRes Buildings Feasibility.pdf
PNW NonRes Commercial Energy Survey Vol 3 and Procedures for Phase 2.pdf
PNW NonRes Survey Data Management Plan for Phase 2.pdf
PNW NonRes Survey Descriptive Data Analysis Report Phase 1.pdf
PNW NonRes Survey Phase 1 and 2 Analysis Report.pdf
PNW NonRes Survey Volume 4.pdf
PNW NonRes Survey Volume 5.pdf
PNW NonRes Survey Volumes 1 and 2.pdf
PNW Residential Energy Survey Phase 1.pdf
PNW Residential Energy Survey Vol 1-Exec Summary.pdf
PNW Residential Energy Survey Vol 2-Technical Appendix.pdf
PNW Residential Energy Survey-Construction of Multicomponent Case Weights for Regional Sample Data-Final Report.pdf
PNW Residential Energy Survey-Phase 1-Exec Summary Concordance Glossary.pdf
PNW Residential Survey Basic Findings 1983.PDF
Problem Identification Discusses the PIRCAR system used to track problems in the ELCAP data
Purifying Mixed-Use Electrical Consumption Data.PDFnsumption Data.PDF
Quality of ELCAP Engineering Data.PDF
Quality of the ELCAP Engineering Data Set.PDF
Residential Characteristics Database.PDF
Residential Data Verification.PDF
Residential Recruitment.PDF
Residential Wood Use in the PNW.PDF
Resolution of ELCAP Metered End Use Data.pdf
Review of ELCAP Data Collection Process.PDF
SAS PADS 01_19_90.pdf
SAS PADS 02_26_90.pdf
SAS PADS 07_22_91.pdf
Schedules as a Primary Determinant of Energy Usage and Cost of Service in Commercial Buildings.pdf
Significant ELCAP Analysis.PDF
Summary Report of Assignment of Meteorological Stations to ELCAP Describes procedures used in the assignment of meteorological stations to each of the ELCAP residences
Thermal Performance of Hood River.PDF of Hood River.PDF
Thermostat Related Behavior.PDF
User Guide for TRANZ.PDF
User Manual.pdf
Volume of ELCAP Data_July21_1989.pdf
Whole Facility Energy Use Monitoring.PDF
Wholesale Power Rate Schedules 1987.pdf