Welcome to ELCAP!

The End-Use Load and Consumer Assessment Program (ELCAP) was undertaken by the Bonneville Power Administration from 1986 through 1989 in an effort to obtain hourly and sub-hourly electricity demand information from a variety of residential and commercial end-uses. The data from this project has been stored since that time in various digital and written formats that were not readily accessible.

In 2012 the Regional Technical Forum (RTF) contracted with The Cadmus Group to compile all the various components of information from the ELCAP project into one location. This database is the result of the efforts of reviewing all available ELCAP data and determining the best method of indexing and converting it to a readily accessible, sortable and searchable format. The database covers individual site characteristic and hourly end-use data for 499 residential and 126 commercial facility sites, hourly energy and peak profile data for typical residential and commercial facility types, and a series of hard copy and scanned documents describing and documenting the ELCAP project. The ELCAP data and reports have been uploaded to the database and are formatted for use by the RTF, the Council, Northwest utilities and other analysts.

Photos of ELCAP equipment and presentations